Guide To Deciding The Dosage Of CBD

Dosage Of CBD
Dosage Of CBD
Dosage Of CBD
Dosage Of CBD

Being a therapeutic product, the question about the dosage of CBD is a frequent one, and stating a dosage to be the ideal one is impossible in the case of CBD. The dosage that one finds optimal will not necessarily suit the other, as the optimal dosage depends on multiple factors like body weight, CBD tolerance, body metabolism etc. In addition to that, the potency and bioavailability of the CBD product is crucial in the deciding the optimal dosage.

Here is a list of the factors that are decisive in the choice of CBD dosage.

Concentration Of CBD

The term concentration or strength indicates the amount of CBD that a CBD product contains. It is usually measured in milligrams and the concentration of every CBD product isn’t the same. Concentration is different from dosage as the former indicates CBD content, while the latter indicates the amount of CBD per serving. Suppose a bottle of CBD tincture has a concentration of 1000 mg and the bottle contains 50mL of tincture with 1 mL being the standard serving size. Each 1mL serving would contain 20mg CBD.

Body Weight

The dosage of CBD that will work well in a person depends on their body weight with heavier people requiring higher dosages to experience optimum CBD effects. On the other hand, people having lower body weight can experience the effects of CBD with comparatively lower dosages.

Desired Effects

People take CBD use for various purposes. Some use it as a general health supplement while some use it to treat several medical conditions of varying severity. CBD dosages vary according to the medical conditions one is suffering from with severe disease symptoms often requiring higher dosages when compared with milder symptoms.


Over time, CBD users develop tolerance to CBD, and as the tolerance levels rise by regular usage, the dosages that worked earlier cannot produce the desired effects. A long-term user would require higher dosages of CBD than a new user.

Method Of Intake

The method of intake of a CBD product decides the amount of CBD that will reach our bloodstream. Depending on whether you ingest a CBD product, apply it externally, smoke/vape it or take it sublingually, the amount of CBD that is absorbed into the bloodstream will show variations. Highly bioavailable methods would require lower dosages of CBD to produce the intended effects.

If you are a first time user, it is best to start with a low dosage and increase it gradually until you find out the dosage that works best for you.