Things to Know about CBD Oil Terpenes

What Is CBD Used For
What Is CBD Used For
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In the early days, most people who used cannabidiol wanted to buy products of maximum potency, especially oral tinctures of very high strength. But as time passed, cannabidiol supplements of all potencies are used to get the maximum benefit for the health and wellness of the users and only the best CBD products available in the market are chosen by most people.

Nowadays, CBD manufacturers are found adding terpene profiles from marijuana strains. In addition to the benefit of providing good tastes and scents, terpenes also have many other uses that are helpful for the health of people using it.

More about Terpenes

Terpenes, also known as terpenoids, are volatile aromatic compounds that are made from a variety of plants. These compounds contribute greatly to the aroma of the plant and also impart a varied range of effects on the body after its consumption. Limonene is one such terpene that is found in most varieties of citrus fruits and it is mostly used in energizing products as well as vitamin supplements. It is also known for its ability to give a natural boost to the users.

There are more than a hundred terpenes that are identified in cannabis because of its distinct nature. All the strains of cannabis such as hemp would be having a different terpene profile, each of which imparting distinct effects when consumed.

Terpene Profile of OG Kush

The Kush family of cannabis has a collection of genetically related strains with traits that are similar. Since OG Kush is one of the most known strains, most CBD brands are now making use of the OG Kush terpene profile for imparting distinct flavor and aroma for their products.

It is a cross that is made of two other strains that include the Hindu Kush and is a very famous flower which is the parent to various other strains such as Headband, Girl Scout Cookies, and more. It has a distinct taste and aroma and is described as woody and earthy by most users. The flavor of the strain allows it to blend well with cannabidiol oil and it retains the earthy taste of the hemp, especially if the carrier chosen by the manufacturer is hemp seed oil.

The OG Kush being which is classified as marijuana belongs to the Cannabis Sativa and there is a very critical difference in its THC content. They do not contain any traceable amounts of cannabidiol, but mostly contain more than 27 percent of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, which is the reason why it is made illegal in many countries.