Differences Between CBD Oil And CBD Tincture

Cannabidiol is an element found in the plants of the cannabis family. Since it has the property to heal conditions like epilepsy, seizure, chronic pain, etc., it is used by many people around the world. Cannabidiol or CBD is available in so many different forms like creams, pills, edibles, etc. Among those products, CBD oil and CBD tincture are more preferred by the people. Even though both of them are liquid forms of CBD, there is much difference between them. Some of the common differences between CBD oil and CBD tincture are as follows.

Base Solution

CBD oil and tincture are CBD products in liquid form. However there are differences in the base solution used for making these products. In most of the cases, CBD tincture is made with isolate CBD. Due to the 3 tier purification and also because of the crystallization process, CBD isolate will be in powder form. This powder is mixed with alcohol to make CBD tinctures.

On the other hand, CBD oil is made with carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil as the base. This is to preserve the original flavor and taste of the product. However, there are also some CBD tinctures which are made with oil as the base.

Taste And Aroma

During the process of manufacturing CBD isolate, all the terpenes present in it will get removed and as a result, it will become tasteless and odorless. While this substance is used for making tinctures, the manufacturers will add some flavoring substances like orange extract or lavender extract to give the product a refreshing taste. The flavoring substances also play a major role in making the product more pleasing to consumers.

However, CBD oil is made using a full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD. Since these variants of CBD extract are having a high concentration of terpenes, CBD oil will be having its natural earthy taste and smell. Some CBD oils are made with isolate CBD and those products are available in different flavors.

Extraction Method Used

There are so many ways to extract CBD from the hemp plant and each of the methods is having its own unique features. For the production of CBD tincture, most of the manufacturers are using the CO2 extraction method. This is because it is the most efficient method to obtain the purest form of CBD. This process will help in removing all the cannabinoids and elements like fats and chlorophyll from the compound to make CBD tinctures.

The hydrocarbon extraction method is commonly used for the production of CBD oil. This helps the maker to use carrier oils during the extraction process which helps them in considerable cost saving. In some cases, the CO2 extraction method is also used in the making of CBD oil.

Particulars CBD Oil CBD Tincture
Base Solution Oil Alcohol
Taste And Aroma Natural Depends on the flavor
Extraction Method Hydrocarbon Extraction CO2 Extraction
Method Of Usage Oral consumption and topical application Oral consumption only
Bioavailability Low High

Method Of Usage

CBD tincture is a liquid form of CBD used for oral consumption. The most effective method of infusing CBD is by a sublingual application. When CBD is dripped under the tongue, the mucus membranes will take it directly to the bloodstreams and helps in giving the user an immediate effect. It can also be consumed by mixing with food and beverages.

CBD oils can be infused into the user through different methods. Since it is an edible form of CBD, it can be consumed directly or by mixing with the food. However, it is also an effective medicine that can be used for topical application. Some of the users have also reported that CBD oil can be used as vape juices for refiling CBD vape pens.


Both CBD oil and tincture are produced with the same element and most of its medicinal qualities are similar. However, there is a difference in preference of consumers depending on some of its features. Since CBD tincture is effective in providing immediate relief to the user, it is used as a medicine for the treatment of epilepsy, anxiety, etc. In short, CBD tincture is better for conditions that require immediate attention.

CBD oil takes more time to show its effects on the consumer. Even though it takes more time to reach the systems it stays there for longer than other CBD products. This makes it ideal for the treatment of conditions like pain, hypertension, etc. CBD oils can also be used topically for the treatment of skin damages.

CBD oils and tinctures are the members of the same family and most of its medicinal applications are similar. The main difference between these products is in the manufacturing process and in its composition. Hence, choosing the best among these products depends on the preference of the consumer.